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Student's dashboard

In one place, students can find not only courses assigned to their studies, but also completed courses and trainings that they can return to at any time.

Course study

You can study easily and virtually anywhere on your computer, mobile or tablet. Knowspread comes with the most user-friendly course browser. Users can browse courses simply by using the keys or moving the mouse.

Automatic notifications

Notifications of upcoming deadlines, new courses to study or reminders are sent to users by email.

Electronic certificates

Upon completion of all parts of the course, a certificate of completion is generated for the student. There is no need to print the certificate, just confirm it electronically in Knowspread.

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Course creation

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Course editor

Creating your own courses is easy with our editor. Combine any content in the form of presentations, documents, videos, audio, iFrames and tests with rich settings. It goes without saying that the SCORM standard is supported.

Content versioning

Courses can be continuously improved and upgraded.

Smart tests

Create smart tests with Knowspread with questions linked to the individual parts of the course. At the beginning of the course, create breakout tests that only allow users to study what they don't know.

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Education administration

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User management

Everything important can be found in one place. Create new users and manage the studies of existing ones. The system keeps track of study dates for you.

Content management

In content management, you create new courses, approve them and activate them for study. You receive updates in the form of new versions.

Group management

Use groups to assign individual courses to users. For each group, you define the repeat period, deadlines, and whether to assign content for major changes.

Course distribution

Custom courses can be used not only for internal use, but also provided to other Knowspread users and the general public, either free of charge or for a fee.

Own public course catalogue

You can create your own course catalogue in a corporate design and provide your content to clients, suppliers or the general public.

Access links

The easiest way to invite new users. Click on the link to register and study immediately.


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Online support

We are available by email, chat and phone for students, administrators and course creators from 8am to 5pm daily.

Integration to other systems

We can connect Knowspread with other systems using rest API.

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