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Health and social services are our passion

MUDr. Libor Straka, Ph.D., MBA Founder of Knowspread
MUDr. Libor Straka, Ph.D., MBA Founder of Knowspread

Multiple physicians were behind the founding of the Knowspread education platform. Therefore, it is no surprise that Knowspread is one of the few, if not the only, e-learning company has created a comprehensive suite of legally required courses for the healthcare industry. Including authorised courses on medical gases, cytostatic safety or industry-specific cybersecurity or data protection.

Now we focus on topics that are mostly discussed at medical schools and medical schools only marginally or not at all. Above all, it is medical law, the economy and the healthcare system, including the issue of reporting care.

The set of courses for patients that we provide, including background materials, is also unique. so that the medical facility can adapt and use them for its patients.

It seems that a couple of doctors have infected the rest of the Knowspread team with this passion for healthcare, but that's definitely not bad news, ... :)

If you are interested in cooperation or share your experience with online education without obligation, we will certainly be happy to stop by or welcome you to us in Prague Karlín.

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Benefits of Knowspread for Healthcare

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Fast implementation

For rapid deployment, content and easy user onboarding are needed. A lot of content is included in the license and custom content can be imported (SCORM).

Effectively introduce users using access links, this is placed on the intrnet or sent out via email. Clicking on it adds the employee to the organization itself and they are assigned the content that is associated with the link.

Smart tests save time

A hospital with 1,500 employees consumes up to 6,000 hours a year studying legal courses.

Intelligent tests evaluate the answers and according to them, the student will pass only the unknown substance. Not repeating the known saves up to a third of the time.

Without reducing employee proficiency, the annual savings in the case described is 4,000 hours, that's 2 full time equivalents.

Easy lifelong learning. Credits!

Use our courses accredited by the Czech Medical Chamber or create your own and provide them to colleagues and other hospitals.

Every course you create can be accredited by the CMA and make it available to other colleagues in the public catalogue for free or for a fee. Or you can donate or sell it to another hospital as a private placement.

Easy lifelong learning. Credits!

Knowspread has REST API and Webhook services. This allows integration of with an authorization service or even with an HR information system.

You can store the dates of the courses you have taken using only documentation, learning outcomes directly into the HR system.

Of course, if own forces are missing, we are ready to help.

All from e-mail

Knowspread is an educational platform. It is not a critical information system. We cannot expect the user to visit the platform regularly. Therefore, we notify the user by email.

Knowspread will remind itself when a deadline is approaching or has expired. It provides managers with regular information about employee studying.

From the email, you can directly access the platform and a specific course.

Educate the patients!

As the only one on the market, Knowspread has a set of 15 patient courses that you can use, including source materials (graphics, presentations, videos) that you can customize to distribute to patients on your site.

Unlike a simple YouTube video, you can supplement the course with a sample informed consent for a procedure or a test to assure you that the patient has understood the issue.


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Content for your LMS - source materials

If you have another e-learning platform, you can use existing content. We offer all our courses and source materials in SCORM, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, mp4 videos, SVG, PNG graphics.