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Knowspread is not just about OSH training

Ing. David Vrabec, CEO Knowspread
Ing. David Vrabec, CEO Knowspread

Especially large companies realize that they cannot do without systematic training of their employees today. However, the most expensive part of training is not the price of the training or the lecturer, but the time spent by employees on training.

Until recently, the domain of e-learning training was legally required courses such as occupational safety, fire safety, cyber security,...

Now more and more clients are looking for a simple solution for their own training in the framework of an adaptation programme, ethics and business codes, customer or business partner education. And it is for these companies that Knowspread delivers the most value.

If you are only looking for statutory training, you will certainly find cheaper suppliers. If your employees need specific knowledge on, for example, "How to create a contingency table in Excel", we recommend YouTube.

However, if you need your colleagues to gain an overview of how to work with data in Excel in addition to the mandatory H&S and GDPR courses, to get to know your company culture before they join you, you've come to the right place. Plus, if you need your own public course catalogue for your clients and suppliers, organize face-to-face training combined with e-learning. You've hit the bull's-eye. This is what Knowspread does best.

I will be happy to be contacted whenever you are dealing with online education issues. It is our business and we enjoy it, we would be happy to welcome you to our office in Prague Karlín, or meet you in person or in cyberspace on-line.

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Benefits of the Knowspread for large organisations

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Fast implementation

Quick implementation is possible thanks to the courses included in the license price, importing your content, in SCORM format and access links.

The attribute link is analogous to a link to a You tube video. With it, the employee adds himself to the organization and is assigned content that is linked to the link.

Send out the access links by email or display them on the Intranet, from then on, employees study effortlessly, easily, quickly.

Smart tests save time

A hospital with 1,500 employees consumes up to 6,000 hours a year studying legal courses.

Intelligent tests evaluate the answers and according to them, the student will pass only the unknown substance. Not repeating the known saves up to a third of the time.

Without reducing employee proficiency, the annual savings in the case described is 4,000 hours, that's 2 full time equivalent.

Study in the car and on a walk

In the higher price plans, we always offer variants of courses that are "headphones".

The lessons are spoken. You listen to what you need to know on your phone and then take the test on your computer or mobile phone.

Sign the certificate electronically and you're done.


Knowspread has REST API and Webhook services. This allows integration of with an authorization service or even with an HR information system.

You can store the dates of the courses you have taken using only documentation, learning outcomes directly into the HR system.

Of course, if own forces are missing, we are ready to help.

All from e-mail

Knowspread is an educational platform. It is not a critical information system. We cannot expect the user to visit the platform regularly. Therefore, we notify the user by email.

Knowspread will remind itself when a deadline is approaching or has expired. It provides managers with regular information about employee studying.

From the email, you can directly access the platform and a specific course.

Education for partners and customers

Knowspread offers the possibility to distribute content between companies or in a public course catalogue.

You can even have your own public catalogue, in your own colours with your own logo.

So why not tell distributors how to present your product in this way.

For one-off training of hundreds of exhibition or trade fair organizers or marketing survey interviewers, Knowspread is the platform of first choice.


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Content for your LMS - source materials

If you have another e-learning platform, you can use existing content. We offer all our courses and source materials in SCORM, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, mp4 videos, SVG, PNG graphics.